Style Coaching Increases Personal Power and Strengths

The Power of Personal Style

Personal style is powerful!  Like it or not, humans have evolved to make snap judgments based on what they see.  In fact, it takes about 30 seconds for people to make decisions about you based on the way you look.  In my opinion you don’t have control over a lot of things.  However, you can control the image you present to the world.

About Your Style Coach

Style coach Sarah McGrew, owner of Get Real Image, will help you develop and celebrate your personal style.  She can recommend a color scheme for you and inventory your closet to make shopping easier and more affordable.  Among other options, you can plan a shopping trip with her, find your best hairstyle, colors and makeup.  As you go through the process of pinning down your style, and changing your wardrobe to represent that style, your confidence will be clear to all around you!

Prior to 2015, Sarah worked as a nurse and an administrator in higher education.  After retiring she combined her desire to help with her teaching skills and love of fashion.  She is a graduate of the Academy of Professional Image and a member of the Association of Image Consultants International.

Services of Get Real Image will:

  • Save you time, because your wardrobe will be more flexible and suited to your lifestyle.
  • Save you money, because you won’t be wasting income on items you never wear.
  • Save you space, as your closet will be more organized.
  • Save you stress, as your clothes and accessories will fit you and work together to showcase the real you!

In conclusion, life changes bring an opportunity to up your personal and/or professional style.  For example, have you undergone a recent change in your life?  A style coach helps during a career change, perhaps a promotion or retirement. A desired promotion might require a tweak of your professional image.  Have you had a divorce and need to reinvent yourself?  When your clothes don’t fit after a significant weight loss or gain.  Don’t hide your light and play small – you are here to shine.

For these reasons, get YOUR real image, and share your confidence!

For more information, send an email to or schedule a free one-hour phone call by following this link!


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