How To Wear Metallics If You’re A Woman Over 50

How To Wear Metallics (if you’re a woman over 50)

I’m a big fan of women wearing what they want at any age, but there are some looks best left to those with really young bodies.  All-over sequins would be one of those looks, IMO.  Sequins, light-reflecting material and texture in general add pounds.  This isn’t a bad thing when you’re balancing one half of your body with the other, but the allover flash may not be your best look if you’re over 50.  Unless you’re Baddie Winkle – in that case, you go gurrl!!!




Metallics are Big in Fall 2017

On the other hand, refusing to wear any trends will quickly dump you in Camp Frumpy.  Adding a few metallic items will help you look au courant in the fall of 2017. Your first decision might be to choose between gold and silver, as both are popular (with silver probably just a bit more so).  Silver-toned metal, which includes pewter, brushed nickel, sterling and sterling-look-alikes, looks best on people with cooler/bluish tones in their hair and skin.  Not sure about yourself?  Stand in a north-facing window (in the northern hemisphere) in the middle of the day without the lights on and hold a silver-toned item like a scarf or table runner up to your face.  Then compare the way you look with a gold or yellow-toned item near your face.  You want the metallic that lets your face pop out – if your eye goes to the fabric, that’s the wrong one for you.  If you need more help, please feel free to contact me and I’d be happy to help you.

Metallics Over 50: A Little or a Lot?

Here’s the “a lot” category.  So, the part of you wearing metallic is going to stand out, and you can use this to your best advantage.  If you have an A shaped frame and want to make your top half look bigger, by all means add a metallic vest, top, sweater or jacket with plain dark pants, a skirt or jeans.  That will guarantee your top half balances your bottom.  If you are top-heavy, put your metallic pieces below.  Even a skirt or pants with a metallic sheen will help balance your top (a top with a scoop or V neck that’s plain without a lot of texture would be best if you’re heavier on top).  If you have a fuller body everywhere and still want to ride on the metallic bandwagon, why not try a column of color (that’s a bottom and top in very similar colors) with a metallic jacket, vest or kimono on top?  Some items I put together as examples…



Metallics Over 50:  A Lot or a Little?

And here’s how you can add a little metallic, just for fun or to highlight a feature.  Everyone needs to look at your face, because it’s your communication center.  Adding some metallic here is easy (and I don’t mean eyeliner).  Statement earrings or a necklace in gold or silver or mixed metals would do it.  Perhaps a metallic scarf in your hair or around your neck (instead of a necklace).  Add a ring or arm candy in gold or silver to highlight your hands and wrists.  Not excited about them?  How about some little gold- or silver-toned gloves?  Or an embellished bag?  If you have a narrow waist, add a metallic belt to your outfit.  And if you don’t have a narrow waist and love belts anyway, wear one under a jacket so just the buckle and a little bit of the belt shows.  And my favorite (and VERY easy to find this year) – metallic shoes.  Silver booties are everywhere and at all price points.  I have warm skin and don’t wear silver, but I will be rocking some gold-toned loafers that I plan to paint myself.  Did I mention that it isn’t wise to spend a lot of money on trendy items?  Look for affordable things, or make them yourself, as their moment of glory probably won’t be long.

How will you be updating your look for fall?  Drop a comment below and let us know!

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