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Book a free phone call to discuss your style coaching needs!  Services are based on the needs of the individual.  The best way to determine those is to set up an appointment for a free one-hour phone consultation.  Use the booking tool to set up your free phone call!

Generally, the following services are part of any service provided by Get Real Image.

Color Analysis:  First of all, this is the most critical service.  Knowing which colors are most flattering for you sets the stage for a successful experience.  A color analysis focuses on your hair/skin/eye color.  Hence, you will be placed into one of eighteen color groups.  These groups are the Absolute Color System developed by the Academy of Professional Image.  Finally, a complete color swatch will be provided.  You will receive individualized make up instruction as desired.

Style Consultation:  Secondly, the fun continues as your personality is added to your coloring to determine your personal style.  The focus moves to your values, identity, face and body shape. You will understand more clearly how the things that matter most to you, and how you see yourself affect your wardrobe choices. In the process, a written personal style guide is developed with tips for choosing outerwear, tops, bottoms, dresses and accessories.  Ultimately, this knowledge combined with a measurement-free assessment of your face and body shape, will allow you to pick clothes that reflect your personal style and flatter your body and its features.

Wardrobe Inventory:  Next, a wardrobe inventory is scheduled.  A wardrobe inventory focuses on your lifestyle, current garments in your closet and ways to wear them.  It includes ideas for new purchases and photographs or worksheets.  Additionally, a full length mirror will be provided during the session along with a rolling rack for clothes.  You will need to assemble all the clothes, jewelry and accessories to be evaluated and be ready to try on clothes!

Personal Shopping:  Personal shopping assistance may be done on-line using Polyvore or Pinterest for on-line shoppers.  If you prefer, clothes may be purchased for you and brought to your home for trying on.  The ultimate experience, a personal shopping trip provides a “friend in the fitting room” to assist you in selecting new clothes.



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