Coaching 40+ Women (pathway past to present)

My name is Sarah McGrew.  I have wanted to be involved in style coaching for more than 10 years.  I completed a course from the Academy of Fashion & Image in 2004 and learned a lot but never had time to take the training to the next level.  I have helped friends refresh their closets, pick out eyeglasses and make better use of their existing wardrobes (FUN!!!) and I’ve always enjoyed tinkering with my own image.  As a kid I was the one playing dress up and making everyone else do it with me.   Especially “Prince and Princess” – the boys would wear purple capes with fake fur collars and my sister and I would wear our mom’s old prom dresses and we would parade around in the front yard.  Even the cats were enlisted as style victims!

Now I am past sixty and way past princess… but still into dressing up. I am not interested in coaching people about manners – I like using color, texture and the architecture of clothing to emphasize assets and hide flaws.  I provide a style coaching service to women and men, but I prefer to focus on women over 40.  We are at a disadvantage in this youth-obsessed culture – it is time to make a stand and look great doing it!

I am not so much about fashion in a trendy way but about bringing out the self-confidence and beauty already present in every woman.

I was trained as a nurse and worked at Ohio University for 30 years.  Living in a college town gives me access to the arts and culture not available in most small towns.  My desire to help people, combined with my experience in education and training with the Academy of Professional Image (completed 11/2015), make me an ideal style coach.  I look forward to serving you!

closet organized by color

coaching to organize a closet


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