Coaching Women (past to present)

My name is Sarah McGrew.  I have wanted to be a style coach (aka image consultant) for more than 10 years.  I have helped friends refresh their closets, pick out eyeglasses and make better use of their existing wardrobes (FUN!!!) and I’ve always enjoyed tinkering with my own image.

Long ago

As a kid I was the one playing dress up and making everyone else do it with me.   Even the cats were enlisted as style victims models!  I completed a course from the Academy of Fashion & Image in 2004 and learned a lot but never had time to take the training to the next level.

Recent past

I was trained as a nurse and worked at Ohio University for 30 years.  The aspects of my career in nursing, education and administration that I most enjoyed were helping people and teaching.  Living in a college town gives me access to the arts and culture not available in most small towns.


Now I am past sixty and way past princess… but still into dressing up. I’m not interested in coaching people about manners – I like using color, texture and the architecture of clothing to emphasize assets and hide flaws.

I am not so much about fashion in a trendy way but about bringing out the self-confidence and beauty already present in every woman.

I provide a style coaching service to women of all ages, and I love to help other women over 40.  We are at a disadvantage in this youth-obsessed culture – it is time to make a stand and look great doing it!

My desire to help people, combined with my experience in education and training with the Academy of Professional Image (on-line training completed 11/2015 and color in 6/2017), make me an ideal style coach.  I look forward to serving you!


closet organized by color

coaching to organize a closet


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