Services & Prices for Get Real Image Style Coaching

Style Coaching Services and Prices

So, do you want to know about your options when you engage services at Get Real Image?  There are four levels of services and price points.  Send an email to to let me know if you have something different in mind!

Style Coaching Services

Color Analysis:  This is the most basic but critical service.  A color analysis focuses on your hair/skin/eye color.  You will be placed into one of eighteen color groups as outlined by the Academy of Professional Image.  A complete color swatch will be provided.  You will receive individualized make up instruction.

Style Consultation:  The weaving together of personality and wardrobe.  A style consultation focuses on your values, identity, face and body shape.  It includes a personal style guide with tips about outerwear, tops, bottoms, dresses and accessories.  Style coaching in this area will help you understand more clearly how the things that matter most to you, and how you see yourself, affect your wardrobe choices.  This knowledge, combined with a measurement-free assessment of your body and face shape, will allow you to pick clothes that reflect your personal style and flatter your features.

Wardrobe Inventory:  When you’re ready to get serious about change, a wardrobe inventory focuses on your lifestyle, current garments in your closet and ways to wear them.  It includes ideas for new purchases and photographs or worksheets.  Additionally, this style coaching service varies depending on how many clothes you have.  A moderate to large wardrobe will require several seasonal inventory sessions.  A full length mirror will be provided during the session along with a rolling rack for clothes.  You will need to assemble all the clothes, jewelry and accessories to be evaluated and be ready to try on clothes!

Personal Shopping:  The ultimate experience, a personal shopping trip provides a “friend in the fitting room” to assist you in selecting new clothes.   This is most likely done on-line with a visit to you to try on items selected.

Discounts:  Ohio University faculty, spouses, staff, students and retirees receive a 15% discount.  Additionally, services may be tax deductible if used for professional skills training.  Services at the gold and platinum levels will be broken up into two or more sessions.  Of course, payment is due at at the time of service.  At this time, prior to the discount, four levels of service and pricing are available:

Style Coaching Prices

Bronze:  $319

  • color analysis (includes both a color card and a full color swatch from the Academy of Professional Image valued at $80).

Silver: $349

  • color analysis with small color card
  • style consultation OR wardrobe inventory
  • color swatch may be purchased separately

Gold: $679

  • color analysis with small color card
  • style consultation
  • wardrobe inventory
  • color swatch may be purchased separately

Platinum:  $899

  • color analysis (including an $80 color swatch from the Academy of Professional Image)
  • style consultation
  • wardrobe inventory
  • personalized concierge shopping




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