Transitions & Life Changes Supported by Style Coach

Transitions and life changes that women in particular go through are ideal opportunities for engaging with a style coach.

I have personally experienced all these transitions, so I have first-hand experience to share with you.  Have you recently:

  • Lost or gained weight?
  • Considered applying for or received a promotion?
  • Changed careers?
  • Become an “empty nester?”
  • Had a change in your relationship status?
  • Had a milestone birthday or life event which caused you to seek a new look?
  • Entered the job market after a time away, or retired from your position?
  • Experienced a change in your health status or  other life-changing event?
  • Decided to downsize and have less space for your stuff?
  • Or would you just like some help editing your wardrobe to make the most of your time, energy and money?

An style coach can support you through these important life-changing events, so you can spend your time, energy and money in ways that best suit you.




  1. Hi Sara
    I am glad to find someone close to home who does this type of work. I live in Ashville, near Circleville, Ohio, but grew up in Vinton County. I have been following several fashion blogs for several years and many years ago had a color analysis, but was told I had many traits of a spring as well as a summer. She said I could wear almost any color I chose. Not a lot of help. I, too am retired. I will be 70 my next birthday, but still like to look as good as an old overweight lady can look. Most people say I always look put together. I guess I would just like to have information on pricing and go from there. PS Do you have a newsletter that I could subscribed to? Thank you

    • Hi, Janice,
      I’m very embarrassed to see that you messaged me almost a year ago! I really don’t have this website/blog thing down yet – but I’m trying! Maybe it’s a good thing, because I just finished my color training in Los Angeles this month (it’s not something that you can learn in an on-line class). I think the chances are good that your coloring will have changed if you had it done many years ago – we tend to soften and get cooler with age. At any rate, I would love to do your colors. Would you be able to meet me half way, maybe in Logan? That would make it most affordable for you. My fee would be $175 without a color swatch, or $250 including the color swatch. I use the Absolute Color System that has been developed by Imogen Lamport (my trainer) at Insideout Style Blog.
      Feel free to text or call me at 740-707-7853 to set something up.
      Yours truly,
      Sarah McGrew
      Get Real Image, LLC

  2. Hi Sarah. I’m Laura; better known as ‘Scaliwag’ on PoshMark. I wish you the best of luck on this creative endeavor.

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