Fall Fashion Forecast Red and Brown

Tired of your summer wardrobe?

It’s time to start thinking of fall fashion, which after a summer of fun in the sun can be either a relief or too much to bear.  I was one of those teenagers who saved money to buy the Vogue fall fashion edition every August (not that I could afford the clothes or had any place to wear them).  But I loved looking at the pictures and anticipating the change of seasons.  I still do!  I am an Amazon affiliate member, and if you shop using a link on this page I will receive money.

Red and Chocolate Brown

Red and chocolate brown will be popular in fall fashion, according to articles published in Elle and Vogue.  I love both colors and am especially fond of wearing them together (link to Get Real Image on IG).  But red and brown come in a variety of shades; there are both warm and cool reds, and warm and cool browns.  Your coloring dictates whether a cooler or warmer shade will best suit you.

Red Dresses

Here are two red cocktail dresses.  The dress on the left is a red for warmer skin tones – if your skin has yellowish or gold undertones, this shade of red will look great on you.  This particular dress would also flatter someone with a defined waist, and I think the lace would let enough skin show through that it would flatter a larger bust.  It is short, according to customers who’ve purchased it, so keep that in mind.  And if you like the dress but not the color, it comes in 9 others.


The dress on the right is a red for cooler skin tones – if your skin has blue undertones, this shade of red will look best on you.  This dress would flatter someone who has smaller shoulders and wants to balance out her bum with the look of wider shoulders.  If you’re V shaped with wide shoulders, I’d look for a different style dress.  Customers also say the ruching helps hide a tummy, and that it hugs your curves.

According to color psychology, red is perceived as both powerful and sexy.  Did you know that women who wear a red top in their on-line dating profiles are contacted most often?  And we all know the legend of the red powersuit…  I don’t see a thing wrong with both powerful and sexy, and these dresses keep you covered which adds some mystery to the look.

Brown Coats

The coat on the left is perfect for someone with yellow in their skin tone.  The double-breasted style will add pounds and the pockets will draw attention to your hips; I’d suggest this coat for someone on the slender side with narrow hips.


The coat on the right is a better brown for someone with more blue undertones in their skin.  The checked /plaid wool coat is also a trend for fall.  This one will add pounds with the bands of horizontal plaid – perfect if you are on the thin side and want to add curves.  If you’re curvy, you might want to look for one with a smaller plaid or one with less contrast.

Brown is a friendly color according to color psychology, much more approachable than black, and it is just as slimming in the right cut of coat.  Sexy, slimming and approachable?  Yesss, gurl!!

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