The dream becomes reality…

In my first post two years ago I mentioned my dream of becoming an image consultant.  I retired last month after 30 years at Ohio University, started taking classes with the Academy of Professional Image (AoPI), joined the Association of Image Consultants International  (AICI) and am on my way.  I’m grateful to be able to combine my nursing and teaching careers with something more artistic – I can help people, teach (and learn) while using the right side of my brain.

My goal is to have both an online and a face-to-face image consulting business at Get Real Image, with services for real women (and men) with real bodies and real budgets who want their authentic light to shine most brightly.  As I’m learning I’d like to share my  transformation (applying the skills I’m learning to my own image) with you.  The process of building a post-retirement career with a home-based business, and the experience of being a baby-boomer woman in the 21st century, might creep in as well.

To see the outfits I’ve created as part of the classes, go to my board on Pinterest.

I haven’t started to study coloring yet, but I know that I have a diamond-shaped face and look better in asymmetrical clothing because (thanks to mild scoliosis) my head is not balanced on my body (how true, those who know me might say!).  I’m going to update my hairstyle by growing it just a bit longer.

I’m planning a workshop on face shape, hair styles, earrings and glasses this fall with the Standard Salon and Vision Source in Athens.  If you want more information on what hairstyles might look good for your face shape, send an email to