A Guide to Picking Your Best Floral Print

How to Pick a Floral Print

Floral print is all the rage this summer!  This trend will continue into fall, with more of a focus on dark florals:


Picking one that’s not right for you can make you look larger than you are, and you might look frumpy, and who needs that?!?  Follow these tips for picking your best floral.

Floral Prints and Skin Tone

Your clothes look best (which means that we see you first and not your clothes) when they mimic your coloring.  If you’re fair, with light skin/eyes/hair, pick a print in lighter shades.


If you have dark hair and eyes with light skin, or you have grey hair with dark skin, pick a floral with some contrast of light and dark.


If you have more medium value in your complexion, a floral print in medium shades will suit you best.


Floral Prints and Coloring

Some women have a lot of natural coloring (e.g. yellow or red hair, pink skin, blue or green eyes) whereas some women are more neutral in their coloring (brown hair and eyes, beige skin).  A floral with a lot of color in it will suit women with higher coloring (either naturally or with the help of a hairdresser), while neutral-toned women will look best in floral prints that are neutral with one color.

Lots of color: http:// 


Natural versus Abstract Floral Prints

Some florals look like actual flowers, while some are more abstract.  The prints that look like the flowers in nature are best suited to younger women, particularly if they are little tiny floral prints.  They look girly, and if you were a girl some time ago you will probably look best in an abstract floral print.  If your personal style is feminine and girly, feel free to give this look a go!



Slimming versus Enlarging Prints

Prints that make you look slimmer have very little visible open spaces in them, compared to prints where you see a lot of background.  If you are trying to slim yourself visually, pick a print that’s dense with little background visible. NOTE:  This might be hard to find this year as big splashy prints are everywhere!


If you want to look larger your best prints will have a lot of empty space.


As a rule, your print should also mimic your general size.  Smaller women look overwhelmed in large prints (where the flowers are the size of your hand or larger), but these suit larger women just fine.  Medium-sized women look best in medium-sized prints.

If you’re using a print to make one half of your body balance out the other, for example you are large busted with a smaller bottom half or vice versa, wear a print with a lot of open space on the part of your body that you want to look larger.


Breaking the Floral Print Rules

Now that you know the “rules” (and there aren’t any really firm rules, except to feel great when you get dressed), feel free to break them!  If you have a dramatic or creative style, wear big prints all over or mix them up with plaid and checks.  Expressing your REAL self is what Get REAL Image is all about!!

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