Purchases during Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale

My Purchases during Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale

I’m a Nordstrom card holder and as such was allowed to purchase items on sale a week before the annual sale earlier this month.  Nordstrom has an interesting sale – items go on sale BEFORE they are available for sale and the price goes up afterward.  I purchased 5 items for about $350.00 total during the pre-sale time period.  At this time I would be paying about $500 for the same 5 items, so a pretty sweet deal.  This is what I purchased.  The pictures I copied and saved from the Nordstrom website.  No affiliate links included!

Underwear at Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale

This may be TMI but if you know me well you know I struggle with underwear.  I’d prefer to go without.  But underwear is a must-wear much of the time, so I was lucky enough to stumble on Hanky Panky one-size-fits-all lace thongs a few years ago at Teri Ann’s dress shop in Marietta.  They were way out of my price range, so my mom bought them for me and I was hooked!  I’ve tried the low-rise Hanky Panky thong too but I prefer the regular rise – the low rise feel like they’re going to fall off!!  They come in a wide range of gorgeous colors and with proper care (washing in the machine on a cold water delicate cycle and hung to dry) they last forever.  If you’re going to pay $20 for a pair of underwear the darned things better last, and these do.

More Underwear at Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale

The other “underwear” item I depend on is a shaping tank.  It makes a big difference in how your tops fit, particularly if you tend to carry extra weight in the midsection (as I do).  My favorite tanks are from Shimera, but they don’t make them anymore.  Lots of crying when I learned that…  So I tried the Yummy Tummy two-way shaping tank.  The Shimera and Yummy Tummy tanks were both pricey, but like the Hanky Panky thongs the Shimera tanks last forever so the cost-per-wear is just pennies.  I popped the Yummy Tummy tank on to write this post, and it’s very comfortable while giving that little bit of compression.  It’s reversible too, so you can wear it forwards and backwards depending on the neckline you prefer.  I got a size M/L which seems just right.  And mine is a nude color – IMO more practical than navy.  But it does come in colors which is nice.  And unlike less expensive shaping tanks, these are long and stay tucked in, a must unless you want to be tucking your undies in all the time.

Outerwear at Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale:  Jeans

I’m a huge fan of jeans and cords from Kut From The Kloth.  I tried them first through Stitch Fix, which I no longer use, but I’m forever grateful for the introduction.  My faves are the Diana skinny jeans – I think I have 3 pairs of their cords which I wear all winter.  I don’t have much of a waist, my hips are narrow and I have a flat butt.  Jeans frequently cause muffin top (cue the shaping tank) so I need jeans that are cut a little wider in the waist.  They also have to be narrow in the seat or I end up with droopy drawers.  That’s okay if the jeans are big all over like boyfriend jeans, but a droopy seat in skinny jeans?  No thank you!  I made the mistake of getting Donna skinny jeans when I thought I was buying Diana skinny jeans.  Not sure how that happened – but I love them just as much.  They’re a blend of cotton/rayon/poly/spandex so they’re soft and lightweight with a little stretch.  They run large so you might want to size down.  And the green is a great shade of olive – not as muted as in the picture.  If you want help finding your best fitting pair of jeans, give FitCode a try.

More Outerwear at the Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale:  Coats

I purchased two coats and can’t wait to wear them!  One is a red suede moto-style jacket (on sale for $125!) and the other is a lightweight brown wool-blend coat with knit sleeves.  The red is sort of a paprika shade and I got a size large so I can wear layers underneath.  The brown coat is what I would call nutmeg – it’s a warm brown shade.  You’d be surprised at how hard it is to find warm-toned browns – many brown clothes are cool in their undertones and not flattering on me.  But I love brown!  So I’m super enthusiastic about both coats.

Have you purchased anything new for fall?  Do you have favorite jeans or undies??  Leave a comment below to let me know.

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The Texas Tuxedo!

Texas Tuxedo (AKA denim on denim)

The Texas Tuxedo is one look, popular for fall 2017, that almost no one should have to purchase anything new to wear.  Do you have a jean jacket?  Check!  If not, a chambray shirt??  Check!!  I’m sure you have jeans, or overalls, or a jean skirt…

Here’s how to put a Texas Tux together…

Light to Medium to Dark Skin Tones

Dont worry about matching the top and bottom of your Texas tuxedo.  Try to match your denim to your skin tone.  If you have light to medium skin tones, you’ll look best in light to medium washed denim.  The washes come from using all kinds of processes (some more environmentally friendly than others).  If you want to know more, check out this slideshow.  Here are some eco-friendly jean manufacturers, including Levi’s (who knew?).  I used to buy dark wash jeans because I thought they were more slimming, and I suppose they are, but I look best in medium wash jeans that compliment my light to medium value hair/skin/eyes.  People with darker skin tones look great in dark wash denim, which has the benefit of being more minimally processed.

Texas Tux:  Bottom Half

These Joe’s jeans come in 3 washes – light, medium and dark.  They’re pictured here in light and dark.  The skirt is a medium wash; this A line style would be good if you are skimming over a curvy bum.  Denim skirts come in all styles and lengths.


Texas Tux:  Part Two

Add a jean jacket, such as this one by Levi’s (shown in a medium wash), or a chambray shirt (they come in other washes besides light).  I recommend that women wear a chambray shirt designed for women; the pockets on the one pictured here would flatter a smaller bust. An embroidered denim vest also adds a nice touch; I love the waist shaping on this one by Rough Hewn.


Add what you like for footwear – sneakers, espadrilles, booties, flip flops, mules or slides.  Ditto for accessories – the Texas Tux can handle it!  For more ideas on putting together a Texas Tux, see this slideshow from NBC New York.  I am an Amazon Affiliate member and will receive credits when you click on items pictured on this post,

For more help with your best colors, personal style or wardrobe, send an email to yourrealimage@gmail.com, or leave a comment on the post or on my Facebook page.  I’d be happy to assist you!  Long live Texas!!