Workout Wear Review: Pants I Picked and Why

How do  you choose workout wear?  I don’t want to throw on a baggy T-shirt and shorts, and I don’t want my bum hanging out while I do downward facing dog…I’m an Amazon Affiliate member and if you click on a link and then purchase something within 24 hours I may receive some reimbursement from Amazon.

Prompted by the Appalachian Trail

I’ve been doing day hikes on the Appalachian Trail for a few years.  This past April I was in central VA and really struggled with a 12 mile hike.  There were lots of ascents, the trail was extremely rocky, and we had to navigate 37 switchbacks to get off the mountain.  I fell a couple of times, bunged my already-messed-up knee, and in general had a tough time of it.  As a result, I committed to getting more fit.  I’d like to be able to hike 12 or so miles of rough terrain and still be able to walk the next day!  I know I’m lucky to be able to spend time hiking like this – I just want it to be more fun.

So, I rejoined Wellworks (Ohio University’s employee/community gym).  I signed up for their fitness classes and yoga, and hired a personal trainer.  Here’s a review of the workout wear I purchased, what I like and why.

Workout Wear:  Pants

I purchased these multi-purpose pants from Oalka; they come in a variety of colors and can be worn as leggings.  I. Love. Them.  The waistband does not roll over, they’re heavy enough in fabrication (nylon and spandex) that skin does not show through, and the waistband has a moderate size pocket.  I frequently have something to do in town either before or after working out, so I need something that does double-duty.  I got them in olive green and a cinnamon brown.  I’ve worn them under jeans as an extra layer while birdwatching on a cold day.  Can’t recommend this workout wear highly enough, and the price I paid was excellent!


Workout Wear:  Capris

I purchased a pair of loose capri leggings from Danskin Now.  They are mostly cotton, nice for workout wear on hot days.  I like the loose fit – just wish they came in more colors.  I purchased them in navy.  The drawstring-free waistband has a tiny pocket – just big enough for a locker key – and they stay put when you’re contorting yourself in yoga class.


I also bought capri leggings from PL Movement that fit tight on the legs.   These are the lightest and most sheer (polyester and spandex) of all the pants and shorts I purchased.  They have a nice waistband that doesn’t roll but has no pocket.  The style I bought is fun and flattering (shown below).  These were the most expensive pair I purchased, but Amazon changes prices regularly.


Workout Wear:  Shorts

For workout wear shorts I got two pairs of Yogareflex bike shorts, one in olive brown and one in burgundy (both hefty nylon and spandex).  I like them both, and while they are not at all sheer the snug fit takes some getting used to.  I got one pair in medium and one in large and I honestly can’t tell much of a difference.  The good-sized pocket is in the middle of the waist in back, which is handy if you’re mowing the grass and want to have your phone handy. 🙂 I would buy them again.


Please leave a comment and let me know your favorite workout wear.  If you have favorite tops I’d love to hear about them!  Visit my website at, my Facebook page at, and follow me on Instagram @getrealimage.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your classy ass workouts!