Fall Trends: Gray and Pink (a great workday combination)

Fall trends include gray and pink – an inspiration for clothes to wear to work

Pink and gray are strong fall trends for fashion in 2017.  This post contains links to products on Amazon and I’m an affiliate member.  If you click on a link and then purchase something, I may get a monetary reward.

Fall Trend:  Gray

A gray suit or dress (or separates crafted to look like a suit) with a pink top or scarf is a marvelous way to look professional, understated but undeniably feminine at work.  Once again, however, there are pinks and grays that work best with warmer and cooler skin tones.  Check out these examples.


The suit on the left is a cool icy gray, best suited for someone with cool skin, light hair and eyes (unless you paired it with a darker top for more contrast).  The suit on the right is a much warmer gray (although warm grays are very hard to find – look for undertones of cream, yellow, aqua, tan or olive).  I think it would look great with boots!

Fall Trend:  Pink

To add pink in a cool tone to the suit on the left, this shell would look fantastic:


To add pink in a warm tone to the outfit on the right, this floral pink scarf would set it off perfectly!


Gray and pink – a classic combination – for cool and warm skin tones.  Scarves are a great way to continue to wear those colors you think might not be right for you.  Put a scarf in your best tones near your face and you can get away with less flattering colors other places.

If you’d like a professional color analysis, including a swatch from the Absolute Color System developed by  Imogen Lamport of Inside Out Style, send an email to me at yourrealimage@gmail.com.  For an earlier post on red and and brown, another fall fashion trend, please see last week’s post.

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